SCOPE > Main aim of the system

Website provides a way for online discovering images by viewing different categories and giving the advance search criteria.

> Scope of System

. Our Proposed System PinsRich website performs different type of fundamental operations to discovering images from various categories.

. Website can able to provide the best security level to the users of the site for authenticate members online.

. Website is able to introduce various boards that can be attract users for creating more boards.

. Our website provides various image of different boards, and interest of user who is creating their own boards. It also manages the editing of boards concurrently and accurately. Admin have overall control of website.


> Users desire a variety of images because they look for the collection of categorized images that will seen later by them. There is infinite variety of images available online because online PinsRich allows users to browse through images that are made all around the world without geographical boundaries. The system allows the owner to manage all kind of categories and maintain user for each board.

> With the online tools that enable creation of boards, add images into boards. Users can discover other images from home feed and Pin it into their own boards.

> Provide Advance Board search by parameter of board.


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