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It was highly eventful] session at the SUTEX BANK COLLEGE OF COMPUTER APPLICATION & SCIENCE

&working with the VEER NARMAD SOUTH GUJARAT uNIVERCITY and highly devoted computer teacher’s community and

will probably remain the memorable experience of our life. Hence this

acknowledgement is a humble attempt to earnestly thank all those who were directly and indirectly help to us.

We are lifelong indebted to our project guide MISS.Chetana For providing us the environment that is best suited for outgrowth

Oh his student personality and bringing up their moral.

Above all, how can we forget our respected professors and project coordinator who gives direction to our work and shapes to our

imagination? For providing immeasurable guid lines and reposing faith in us when things could have gone wrong.

With immense pleasure, we present this report on the project

Assignment titled “Bill Reminder Application” developed at VUE Solution.

We humbly express our gratitude to this company owner MR.Promod Vyara for giving us the opportunity and support for developing the system.

Thanks To All... Gohil J ignisa Modi Shweta


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