> Technical Feasibility

This website does require that much of higher & advanced technology. It requires database interaction and it also requires to be accessed via web or intemet. This can be easily done. Also these should be a facility of image searching and also Pin It for the particular board on line. We are providing various boards within their related images so the users can have search category wise and pin it into their boards for later seen. it must be developed within the three months of period excluding the time period for the testing and validation, verification. Thus it seems that the project is technically feasible

to do. > Economical Feasibility

In This project, we will require to have an intemet connection for better online website. Such at the developer end it needs the good server with high capacity of RAM and CPU processors so it can handle lots of users at time online communications, but as it will be web-enabled we do not have any extra cost of setting up a network. This is also

feasible economically. > Operational Feasibility

A new system should not only be robust but should also be able to work simultaneously with other systems. Operational feasibility means that new system should not affect any existing system during the development phase or even in the

implementation phase.

Efforts were made to optimize the human efforts in data collection, storage, retrieval, security and presentation.

The proposed system made best efforts in achieving necessary function and performance, as required by the user and keeping in mind some infrastructure

constraints. > Time Feasibility:

Time is one of the critical factors in the development of any system but this kind of Feasibility is hardly perfect in any system. To develop the system, to satisfy the

Requirements some deadlines are always initiated.

The development of this system has been asked to complete within three months By the consultant, so within three months, within the given deadline, project has been Completed and start to be implemented.


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